Door Sensors for Vehicle Telematics or GPS Tracking

Meet vehicle hijacking or cargo tracking challenges with FLETELOCK innovative magnetic sensors.


Why is it needed? To notify the cargo door opening event (alarm, event message to be sent to the driver or control room) about unauthorized access to the cargo when padlock is easily destroyed in an unguarded parking area.

Enhance your IoT solution and detect any type of vehicles door opening events in real time. 



Why is it needed and what is the purpose of door sensor being invisible? The purpose of the invisible sensor is to signal GPS/GSM tracker whether the cabin doors- driver or passenger, are open or closed. The vehicle cabin door opening in motion or on the intercross, for example, can point such perspective dangerous situation as driver robbery or vehicle hijacking.

How technically was the “invisibility” achieved? These sensors are installed inside the vehicle panel, and the magnet inside the door panel. The specific location for installation depends on each type of vehicle.