Cargo semi-trailer electromechanical lock, tractor-trailer uncoupling sensor, disposable electronic security seal.                 

FLETELOCK © and  FLETESEAL ©  products are dedicated for securing  protection the cargo  transportation by  land  and sea. 

 FLETELOCK©   Keyless Internal  Electromechanical  Motorized Lock, controlled by  your GPS/GSM  tracking device, telematics system or dedicated  Wi-Fi  controller, will secure the cargo gates of an enclosed trailer (truck) until it reached the destination point.
The device locks /unlocks the doors of the cargo compartments of the box-trucks or enclosed trailers and sends  “LOCKED”/ “UNLOCKED” signal to the telematics device.                                                                                                                           It can be easily  integrates  into the vehicle GPS tracking or telematics system , was adapted for use  in  refrigerators feature of opening lock  stuck  due to cold ambient.  FLETELOCK Trailer-Truck Uncoupling /Coupling sensor detects the if the semitrailer (trailer) unhitching from  the  tractor (horse) and sends the alert signal to the vehicle telematics system.



FLETESEAL©   Disposal  Electronic  High  Security  Seal  is in  the  development  stage and is intended to seal the shipping containers, enclosed truck-trailers or cargo rail wagons (trucks) The device is designing to meet the the ISO 17712-2013 requirements for HIgh Security (HS) seals and is equipped with the patented  integrity  monitoring  system  based  on  the  fiber optic   technology, GPS receiver, GSM transceiver and 11 Ah primary battery.  Continuously checking the integrity  of  the  seal by help of the optic wire technology from the point of loading the container to the point of unloading.
Capability to operate up to 90 days (1 “heart beat” message every 2 hours).                                                                              If the seal became tampered the alert signal to  be send via GSM network, including the GPS  coordinates  and  Date -Time stamp.