Disposable electronic high security cable seal

Disposable high security electronic cable seal according to ISO 17712-2013

The device was designed to meet the ISO 17712-2013 requirements for High Security (H) seals. It is deployed with a unique integrity monitoring system that is based on the optic fiber technology, GNSS coordinates receiver, LTE Cat.1 transceiver and lithium thionyl chloride batteries (Li/SOCl₂) battery as power source.

Disposable electronic high security cable seal is intended to seal:

  • multimodal ISO containers
  • truck-trailers
  • swap bodies
  • rail box wagons.


Main features:

  • Continuously checking the integrity. Light pulses passing through the optic fiber inserted in the core of the steel.
  • Lifespan up to 100 days. Calculated on 1 “heart beat” message every 2 hours.
  • Instant alert signal. If the seal became tampered or cable cut, the instant alert signal will be sent via 4G network, including the GPS coordinates and Date-Time stamp. 
  • Activates automatically right after installation.
  • “Global” SIM card (180 countries). 

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