Locking solution. TAPA TSR 1-2

FLETELOСK provides the fully integrated TAPA-compliant solution to ensure the cargo security in-transit for long-distance and last-mile delivery transports.

The ‘turn-key’ implementation approach incorporates all the elements that would enable TAPA TSR 2023 compliance, including:

    • ⁠⁠Developing TAPA TSR Policies & procedures documentation framework based on a comprehensive Gap-analysis methodology
    • ⁠⁠Implementation TAPA TSR security procedures in your operational setup through functional team trainings and pre-audit verification
    • ⁠⁠Supply and installation the complete set of vehicle security equipment (locking devices, controllers, sensors, access control systems)
    • ⁠⁠Integration support and maintenance for your Vehicles Fleet Management or Telematics systems
    • ⁠⁠⁠Establishing the alarm monitoring and escalation protocols according to your business-specific operational setup via a certified Monitoring partner network.

TAPA TSR 1-2 solution can be deployed on vans, box trucks, cargo trailers, HGV and LCV (fits refrigerated vehicles).